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Astro caps with 2-ply face mask | PP

Astro caps with 2-ply face mask | PP

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  • best selling astro caps at Franz Mensch
  • 2 in 1: with sewn-on 2-layer face mask
  • high quality, air-permeable PP-fleece
  • very hygienic: hair, head and large parts of the face covered
  • ideal for slaughterhouses and other food industries
  • 6 colors available

Description Product info Norms

Astro caps with 2-ply face mask made of PP by Hygostar

These astro caps made of PP meet high hygienic requirements and belong to the bestsellers among the hygienic disposable caps. They are particularly popular in the food industry, slaughterhouses and other sensitive areas where the mouth, nose and the entire head must be covered for reasons of hygiene. Their advantage is that the disposable caps have a sewn-on two-layer face mask, which is put on with a comfortable head elastic. The face mask is thus firmly integrated and cannot be forgotten. Thanks to the bendable nose clip, the mask fits very well and seals well to the face.

The astro caps have a high quality and are made of air-permeable, soft PP fleece. They are for one-time use, but thanks to the high quality of the material, they are comfortable and skin-friendly even when worn for longer periods of time, as they are 100% latex-free. The PP astro caps have an elastic band at the forehead, which ensures both an optimal fit and a clear field of vision, because nothing slips.

Hygiene with colour system: Astro caps in blue, white, red, yellow, green

Colored disposable caps are ideal for visually identifying different hygiene areas. With a simple colour system, you can ensure clear rules and a high standard of hygiene without cross-contamination.
Example: red = visitor, blue = employee, yellow = cleaning staff. At Franz Mensch you will find a complete range for your hygiene colour system.


  • PE-disposable aprons on roll (art.-no. 23170)
  • Nitrile gloves Safe Light (art.-no. 27059)
  • Oversleeves Light PE (art.-no. 28209)
  • Overshoes CPE (art.-no. 28500)



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Features of the astro caps with 2-ply face mask at a glance:

  • high quality PP fleece, air-permeable and comfortable
  • integrated 2-layer face mask
  • very hygienic
  • reliably covers hair, head, mouth, neck and large parts of the face
  • face mask with formable nose clip
  • latex-free elastic band
  • with forehead rubber for a very good fit
  • protect against minor superficial mechanical risks
  • permanently cheap at Franz Mensch

Functional range

food industry and slaughterhouses, as well as areas where a face mask is required by law

Product info

Main characteristics

Type of inner packaging: PE
Type of outer packaging: cardboard
Material: PP

Overview all norms of Astro caps with 2-ply face mask | PP

ce_psa.jpg cat1.jpg lme.jpg

CE PSA VO (EU) 2016-425


food safe

Astro caps with 2-ply face mask | PP
Astro caps with 2-ply face mask | PP
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