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Astro caps with 3-ply face mask | PP

Astro caps with 3-ply face mask | PP

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  • 2 in 1: with sewn-on medical face mask
  • proven filter performance according to EN 14683, type II
  • stops the spread of germs 
  • high-quality, air-permeable PP fleece
  • entire head and parts of the face hygienically covered
  • ideal for slaughterhouses and other food industries

Description Product info Norms

Astro caps with 3-ply face mask made of PP by Hygostar

These astro caps made of PP nonwoven meet an extremely high standard of hygiene, as they are equipped with a 3-layer medical face mask. Since Corona outbreaks, the medical mask is legally required in many places in meat production and also useful. This is because these face masks are 3-layered and have a tested filter performance in accordance with medical standard EN 14683 Type II. This means that the spread of possible infections in the plant is prevented. The integrated filter layer has been proven to filter pathogens from the air you breathe and protect others from infection - especially when sneezing, coughing, talking. 

Franz Mensch has developed these innovative and unique disposable astro caps specifically for slaughterhouses and the meat industry. They are astro caps and mask in one piece and therefore particularly practical in everyday work. These extremely hygienic disposable caps cover the entire head and a large part of the face. They are made of air-permeable, pure PP fleece and are manufactured to a very high standard. 

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  • art.-no. 8893: Stainless steel dispenser for bonnets
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Features of the astro caps with 3-ply face mask at a glance:

  • sewn-on medical face mask, 3-ply, according to EN 14683
  • Filter performance reduces risk of infection
  • air-permeable, soft PP fleece 
  • latex-free elastic band
  • malleable nose clip for a better seal
  • food safe
  • protection against low superficial mechanical risks

Medical Mouthguard Type II

Only 3-layer masks tested according to EN 14683 are considered medical face masks and provide protection against infections as foreign body protection. These face masks have an integrated filter layer made of meltblown material, which is particularly fine and can filter the smallest particles from the air. In this way, medical masks provide a high level of protection because they also filter pathogens and prevent their spread or transmission.

Medical face masks are classified into the following 3 categories based on their bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE):

  • Type IIR - highest protection: excellent filtering performance of > 98% (according to BFE) and resistant to liquid splashes or contaminated body fluids.
  • Type II: excellent filter performance of > 98% (according to BFE), reliably protects against contaminated aerosols transmitted via the air.
  • Type I: good filter performance of > 95% (BFE), cheaper variant with less filter performance than Type II.

Functional range

food industry and slaughterhouses, as well as areas where a medical face mask is required by law

Product info

Main characteristics

Type of inner packaging: PE
Type of outer packaging: cardboard
Material: PP

Overview all norms of Astro caps with 3-ply face mask | PP

ce_psa.jpg cat1.jpg lme.jpg

CE PSA VO (EU) 2016-425


food safe

Astro caps with 3-ply face mask | PP
Astro caps with 3-ply face mask | PP
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