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santex sterile

santex sterile

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Diagnostic latex gloves for procedures requiring sterile conditions.

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santex sterile – - sterile diagnostic latex gloves, white-coloured, powdered. An ideal choice for short procedures requiring sterile conditions.

Product info

Main characteristics

Manufacturer: santex
Product type: medical device + personal protective equipment
Medical grade: I sterile
Protection type: I
Material: latex
Sterility: sterile
Sterilisation method: EO
Texture: smooth
Internal surface: powdered
Läbimatuse tase (AQL): 1.0
Shape: universal (ambidextrous)
Cuff: beaded cuff
Length of the examination glove: standard (240 mm)
Thickness: standard gloves
Suitable for sensitive skin: no, latex gloves, powdered
Anti-static: yes
Recommended for

Hevea brasiliensis – the tree which gives milky latex, which after appropriate treatment serves for the production of latex. Currently 90% of the world production of natural rubber is located in Asia. Latex used for the production of gloves is a natural material. Proteins in latex may cause a type I allergy, which is why the product is not recommended for people prone to allergic reactions.


This device is a product with all certificates, in accordance with the latest regulatory requirements in the field of medical devices and personal protective equipment.

Therefore, the product also meets the highest quality and product standards for medical devices and personal protective equipment.

Confirmation of the above provisions and the list of certificates, standards and legal and regulatory provisions relating to the product can be found in the Declaration of Conformity.

santex sterile
santex sterile
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