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Hair nets | nylon

Hair nets | nylon

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  • available in dispenser box for hygienic individual removal
  • hairnets made of high-quality polyamide/nylon
  • coarse mesh, very permeable to air
  • light, elastic and gentle to wear
  • almost invisible

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Hair nets made of nylon from Hygostar

Almost invisible and barely noticeable on the head: the nylon hairnets are particularly soft and comfortable to wear. The coarse-meshed structure makes the hairnets extra air-permeable and light. Nylon is a synthetic fibre that is very elastic and hard-wearing. Therefore, the nylon hairnets adapt optimally to any head size and have a very good fit - also very suitable for very long hair.

For faster and more hygienic individual removal, Franz Mensch offers the hairnets in an innovative dispenser box. The box stores 200 hairnets cleanly and protected from dirt.

Instructions: Hygienic individual removal of the hairnets:

  1. Open the box and pull out the first net
  2. tear off at the perforation
  3. The nylon hairnets are welded together so that when they are pulled out, the beginning of the next hairnet is automatically ready and can be grabbed easily

Hair nets are disposable head coverings and are mainly worn in hygiene areas such as the food industry or large kitchens. They hold the hair back and prevent it from ending up in the food, production or machines. A special feature at Franz Mensch: all hairnets are of premium quality and made of elastic, high-quality nylon. Hairnets made of nylon are particularly stretchy, gentle on the hair and very skin-friendly. In addition, they have latex-free, soft elastic bands that leave no pressure edge and are comfortable at all times.

Your choice: The hairnets are available either in an inexpensive bag, on a cardboard disc or for particularly quick removal in the clever dispenser box.

Hygiene tip: A matching transparent acrylic wall holder is available here in the shop for the hairnets in the box. It is equipped with a tear-off edge that makes removal even faster. It also allows you to mount the hairnets on the wall in an extremely hygienic way and within easy reach.

Features of the nylon hairnets at a glance:

  • very high quality polyamide/nylon
  • very air permeable
  • latex-free elastic
  • gentle to the hair and very light
  • almost invisible
  • available in three colours: white for light hair, brown and blue for dark hair
  • Tip: hairnets in dispenser for hygienic and quick individual removal

Functional range

food industry, canteen kitchens, hygiene areas

Product info

Main characteristics

Type of inner packaging: PE
Material: Nylon
Hair nets | nylon
Hair nets | nylon
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