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Bouffant caps Bettina Light | PP Blue 100tk

Bouffant caps Bettina Light | PP Blue 100tk

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  • the all-round hood at the top price
  • large selection of colours, sizes, packaging types
  • light, air-permeable PP fleece
  • latex-free elastic band, food safe
  • comfortable to wear, hardly noticeable

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Bouffant caps Bettina Light made of PP from Hygonorm

Bouffant caps are very hygienic disposable head coverings that are worn in many ways in sensitive hygiene areas. These include kitchens, food production, industry, operating theatres, hospitals and nursing homes. Bettina Light bouffant caps have been on the market for over 20 years, have proven themselves a million times over and are among the most popular PP caps. The PP bouffant caps are the ideal combination of an attractive manufacturer's price and reliable material quality. They are made of an air-permeable, lightweight PP fleece and are comfortable to wear.

Lightweight PP bouffant caps are hardly noticeable when worn and are therefore comfortable even during longer periods of use. The latex-free elastic band is extremely elastic, so that even long hair or a ponytail can easily fit underneath. The bouffant caps are suitable for both staff and visitors in hygiene areas and are ideal for high demand or when bonnets need to be changed frequently. Bouffant caps made of lightweight non-woven material are particularly recommended in hospital and care areas (protection against foreign bodies) as well as in kitchens and the food industry. In addition, the bouffant caps are approved for contact with food of all kinds and prevent contamination. They reliably cover the head and thus retain dander and hair for hygienic working.

Large selection: Colours, diameters, packaging

The Bettina bouffant caps made of PP are available in 5 colours and three different diameters for different head sizes. The bouffant caps are packed either in a dispenser box or in a hygienic PE bag. This way you will find exactly the bouffant cap that fits your needs.

Matching dispensers and wall holders for disposable beret caps:

  • art.-no. 8893: Stainless steel dispenser for bonnets
  • art.-no. 8895: Acrylic multidispenser
  • art.-no. 88939: Stainless steel multidispenser with viewing window

Advantages of the Bettina Light bouffant cap at a glance:

  • Top seller: most popular beret caps at Franz Mensch
  • attractive price, because of light PP-materiald
  • air-permeable fleece with high wearing comfort
  • latex-free elastic band
  • suitable for contact with food
  • protection against minor superficial mechanical risks
  • for external protection to prevent contamination in the care area
  • wide choice: different diameters, colours, dispenser box or bag
  • universally applicable for all hygiene areas
  • for staff as well as visitors

Hygiene with colour system: 1 colour = 1 area

Coloured disposable clothing and work utensils are ideal for identifying different hygiene areas. Establish a hygiene colour system in your business and easily avoid cross-contamination.

Here's how:

  • Define a colour for each hygiene area, e.g. red = visitor, blue = employee, yellow = cleaner.
  • Equip your establishment with coloured disposable clothing so that different areas are immediately and visually clearly recognisable.
  • For the identification of cleaning utensils (e.g. wipes), the DGfdB suggests the following colours: Red = WC bowls, urinals and tiles in the directly adjacent area Yellow = remaining sanitary area and sanitary facilities Blue = remaining equipment and furnishings Green = use in the kitchen area.

TIP: Use fresh disposables each time to reduce the risk of germ transmission within an area.



At Franz Mensch you will find a complete range for your hygiene ink system.

  • PE-disposable aprons on roll (art.-no. 23170)
  • Nitrile gloves Safe Light (art.-no. 27059)
  • Oversleeves Light PE (art.-no. 28209)
  • Overshoes CPE (art.-no. 28500)

Intended purpose

For third-party protection (protection against germ spread) in the hospital and care sector.

Functional range

food industry, hygiene sectors, industry, cleaning as well as hospitals and care


Overview all norms of Bouffant caps Bettina Light | PP Blue 100tk

ce_psa.jpg cat1.jpg md.jpg lme.jpg

CE PSA VO (EU) 2016-425


Medical Device

food safe

Bouffant caps Bettina Light | PP Blue 100tk Bouffant caps Bettina Light | PP Blue 100tk
6.80 € Select
Bouffant caps Bettina Light | PP Blue 100tk
Bouffant caps Bettina Light | PP Blue 100tk
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