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Маски для лица типа II, 3-слойные | ПП, повязка на голову. Белый

Маски для лица типа II, 3-слойные | ПП, повязка на голову. Белый

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медицинская маска с резинками на голове нет давления на уши даже при длительном ношении высококачественный ПП-флис,

3-слойный отличная производительность фильтра, 98% BFE

встроенный носовой зажим,

анатомически регулируемый для одноразового использования

Описание Параметры Нормы

Face masks type II, 3-ply made of PP with headband from Hygostar

This disposable mask is worn with head straps and therefore offers optimum wearing comfort even during long periods of use. Your advantage: No pressure behind the ears as with comparable masks with ear loops. The elastic, latex-free rubber bands ensures a tight fit and good hold.

The medical mouthguard is 3-ply and has an excellent filter performance of 98% BFE. It meets all the requirements of category "Type 2" and can be used as third-party protection in hospital and nursing. The mouthguard can therefore also be worn as a surgical mask and high-quality surgical face mask. The mouthguard type II with headgear is a disposable product and protects against droplet infections.

Advantages of the face masks type II, 3-layer with headband at a glance:

  • 3-ply, nonwoven material made of high-quality PP
  • filter performance of 98 % BFE, corresponds to type II
  • with elastic headband, no pressure behind the ears
  • very good fit
  • anatomically adjustable noseband
  • optimum comfort with long wearing time
  • for single use

Suitable wall holder for mouthguard boxes:

  • art.-no. 88934: Stainless steel mouth guard dispenser

What is a medical face mask type II?

Only 3-layer masks tested according to EN 14683 are considered medical face masks and protect against infections as foreign body protection. These face masks have an integrated filter layer made of meltblown material, which is particularly fine and can filter the smallest particles from the air. In this way, medical masks provide a high level of protection because they also filter pathogens and prevent their spread or transmission.

Medical mouthguards are classified into the following 3 categories based on their bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE):

  • Type IIR - highest protection: excellent filter performance of > 98% (according to BFE) and resistant to liquid splashes or contaminated body fluids.
  • Type II: excellent filter performance of > 98% (according to BFE), reliably protects against contaminated aerosols transmitted via the air.
  • Type I: good filter performance of > 95% (BFE), cheaper variant with less filter performance than Type II.

Intended purpose

For third-party protection (protection against droplet infection) in the hospital and care sector

Functional range

suitable for medical use


Основные параметры

Тип внутренней упаковки: PE
Тип внешней упаковки: cardboard
Материал: PP

Обзор всех норм для Маски для лица типа II, 3-слойные | ПП, повязка на голову. Белый

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Medical Device

EN 14683 Typ II

food safe

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Маски для лица типа II, 3-слойные | ПП, повязка на голову. Белый
Маски для лица типа II, 3-слойные | ПП, повязка на голову. Белый
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